Our Practice

Creating Value

With a focus on providing care to families during a time of rising costs of healthcare, we work hard to create value for our patients.  Building relationships with families and working with them over a lifetime requires us to think about more than just a patient’s immediate needs. We take a three-step approach to maximize the benefits of the treatment we provide and to make quality dental care affordable to most families.  We believe strongly that prevention, education, and quality restoration of teeth help us reduce the cost of dentistry to our patients.


During your cleaning and examination visits to our office we will identify your oral conditions and create a realistic home care plan customized for your needs.  We try to identify the most cost effective tools for you to use in your home care regimen.  We provide professional level dental supplies for you and your family to purchase at a fraction of the cost of retail stores.  Our staff also provides a wide variety of in office procedures that can resolve dental problems in their early stages, before they become costly to repair.  In addition to a professional cleaning with our hygienists, we offer a wide range of services aimed to prevent dental problems that would require repair.

  • Scaling and Root Planing – for patients that have advanced periodontal disease.  This is a process that can help control before it advances and requires more care from a periodontist.
  • MI Paste – which has been proven to halt and in some cases reverse early tooth decay while it is still in the outer layer of the tooth.
  • Sealants - For many young children who are more susceptible to tooth decay we can place sealants which can prevent tooth decay from starting.


Education is another key to reducing the costs of care for our patients. It is difficult to maintain your oral health if you don’t truly understand your oral condition. We schedule extra time during each of your visits to answer your questions and prepare you for any procedures you may need. In addition to making ourselves available to answer questions, we have cameras to show you focused areas of your mouth under magnification on an easy to see television screen. We also have models and educational videos to help prepare you for future visits and to help you decide between treatment options.

Quality Restorations

By owning and maintaining our own facility right down to the lawn care and snow removal we are able to keep quality care attainable to families with different budgets.  This also allows us to invest in the newest proven technologies and materials without raising our fees. These technologies and materials help us create dental restorations that last longer without repair or replacement.

Material selection is a very research-intensive process.  Unfortunately, not all dental materials last forever.  Metal and synthetic materials used to restore dental problems wear, and break down over time. Choosing materials that increase their longevity, aesthetics, and comfort decreases the number of visits needed for maintenance and replacement restorations.  Dr. Leyder has made a commitment to use the highest quality products in dentistry and has many restorations that have lasted since placed in his first year of operation in 1981.

Our dental education and hand skills are our best tools for creating quality dental work.  In addition to using the best materials available, Dr. Leyder and his entire team continually update their education to have the best and most proven techniques.  This allows us to provide longer lasting results.  By approaching dentistry as art work, we have been able to create great cosmetic successes in our office.